What Is Insightful Inspiration About?

all seeing eye in consciousnessThe Wisdom That Moves Us To Righteousness.

That wisdom can be found in all different kinds of religion and spirituality.

Islam, Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, Hinduism and many more of the world’s religions and cultures. All of these faiths have great wisdom that we can all learn from if we but seek it.

Being At The Heart Of Inter-Faith Conversations.

I don’t think it is becoming of anyone to seek to destroy other people’s faiths. The test of faith is their deeds!

All faiths are beautiful that beget beautiful deeds. It is incumbent upon the individual to cultivate enough wisdom to see the truth. Just because someone says, “I am a Muslim,” does not mean that they are.

Goodwill And Charity Toward All.

I believe in the goodness of human beings for the most part. I believe that with the clarity of truth, all people will choose to do the right thing. Why would someone choose to harm themselves? But some people don’t believe in the consequences of their actions.

Wisdom from the Bible’s Final Judgment Parable, these are the five fundamental human needs:

  1. Clean and abundant food and water.
  2. Beneficial and edifying community and hospitality for all.
  3. Protection from the elements in clothing and in shelter for all people.
  4. Proper healthcare for all people. The eradication of all diseases should be our goal.
  5. The reformation of criminal behavior through the clear communication of the consequences of actions.

The sharing of knowledge and wisdom.

I believe that human achievement and human fulfillment is a lot like a recipe for a meal. If we do certain things in a certain order we can recreate things over and over again.

Many people have achieved material wealth abundance without excess or harming others. I believe that knowledge and “recipe” should be available for all.

Many people have attained inner peace and an unshakable faith in the unseen. I believe that knowledge and wisdom should be available for all who seek it.

Anything That Helps Us All To Live A Better Life.

Life is One. We are all in this together. Anything that can help us live more harmoniously, that is what Insightful Inspiration is about.

While encouraging uniqueness, we can become a benefit to this world. We can make this world a better place than when we came into it.