Get Rich And Have A Good Hereafter

Hey there, it’s been a while since I’ve written anything because I’ve had other priorities, mainly preparing for a good Hereafter myself. 

I’ve been doing some personal development because I figured, “If I could learn the process for getting what I want more consistently than I am now, I could use that force for good.” And I am compelled by the truth of God to use it for good. 

In societal language,  I think that’s something akin to goal setting and goal achieving. And there is a process for that says so many people who have indeed achieved a great deal of good. 

The process is: 1) decide what you want, 2) write it down, 3) write down the actions you can take to achieve it, 4) take the actions until you achieve it, revising the written plan or its products as often as needed. 

I am also testing another technique for that process by using an “assuming question”, which is designed to develop the belief that I can have whatever it is that I’m after. 

The assuming question works like this, if I want a good Hereafter, I’ll say something like, “why do I have a good hereafter?” or “why did I have a good day of judgment in my vision?” (And I could say something like, “well because I was reading the Quran or the Bible and I read about those who believe in God and do good deeds and I placed myself in their shoes.” There are many reasons why.)

The benefit of the assuming question is that it creates the mental equivalent of the goal you want to achieve in its already completed state, which is essential for success, or so I’m told by the success authors.

Then after developing the mental equivalent of the goal I want, I make a list of actions I can and should take to achieve the goal as soon as possible, by a realistic yet ambitious deadline. It’s essential to actually think, “When could I try get this finished by that is as soon as healthy?” 

This morning I was working on my “most important goal”, which is indeed to have a good Hereafter, and the actions I came up with were, “increase my automated money transfers of donating, saving, and investing by 1% every 2-3 months until I am satisfied with the contributions.” (And the time frame can/may change depending on how long it takes to adjust to the small increases in contribution amounts) 

And those who are drawn to religious values because they believe in the Hereafter are also exposed to some false beliefs about money in particular. I know I suffered from this for many, many years! 

It is starting to feel that being financially  successful is a moral imperative. In every scenario, God will say better things about excellent money management on the day of judgment than about not using it to its full potential.

Think about how good that will be for your Hereafter, to constantly increase your monetary contributions each month as often as comfortable and to as great an extend as comfortable. You will be rich within a few years! At worst it would take a decade because the increments of improvement are so small and imperceptible it affects your habits for the positive. 

You will have taken what God has given you and been a good steward with it! You have donated to God’s cause as much as you possibly can with the current income you have. You are on the path to financial freedom by saving and investing the other percentage – that is the way to success all of those who have achieved financial success say!

Just knowing you’re on a good path is essential to stay the course. You release as hesitance and can start running at as comfortable a speed as you can muster, knowing you’re doing your absolute best, and one day God will say to you, “well done, good and faithful servant.” 

Investing in your local and national economy no matter where you are is essential for your Hereafter because where you live is subject to society! And with the advent of the internet it is becoming the world economy! 

In my work, our CRM is an Indian company so we are investing in their economy in a way because they will take  our money and they can use it for good (or bad 🙁 which is why it is important that you choose how you spend your money *very* carefully) in their economy, and prosperity is spread. 

I work with  people from the Phillipines and we are investing in their economy as well because they will take their money and spend and invest in things in their economy. It is a beautiful thing this new world! 

So I hope you take this money action plan and implement it into your own life as soon as possible in the best way possible for you. 

That’s all I have time for today. God bless you!