Get Deep, Transcendent Wisdom From The Bible

Hey there,

I just want to share with you something that I think is pretty cool: studying the Bible and reflecting upon it to gain deeper wisdom of this life and of the life to come.

My process for this is: 1) read a chapter of the Bible (or to satisfaction), 2) underline and take notes of things that I think are important to my understanding of the Bible’s message, and 3) go back after my reading and reflect upon what I underlined and wrote by doing some freewriting. (As an aside, freewriting is one of the greatest personal growth tools (and spiritual growth, any kind of growth) that I’ve ever discovered. It allows you to reveal to yourself some of your deeper feelings and thoughts and beliefs that you may not even have known you had or may have been hiding from yourself.)

The purpose of this is to gain a deeper understanding of the Bible’s message and to closer resemble Jesus, to model him more, and follow his teaching’s. I believe there is something otherworldly deep (in a good way) about the Bible, so I want to find it and possibly share it if it’s of any value!

I am starting this series with Mark… here goes! 😀 90 minutes

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